Important News regarding the j5 online training site

This current training resource is expected to be shut down by July 2021, and there will not be any updates to the existing materials. This is being done to facilitate incorporation of the j5 technology into the currently available and to-be delivered online training resources for Hexagon PPM clients.

Clients using this training site should complement their training with materials available on the Hexagon PPM Documentation site, where access to documentation on all Hexagon PPM products, including j5, are located. This resource has the following:

  • 100% of the text that exists in the current j5 Online Training site
  • Most of the current demonstration videos, with a targeted migration by the end of January 2021
  • Documentation for new modules such as j5 Control of Work

The Hexagon PPM Documentation site has replicated most of the training available on this site with expected completion of the Installation training to be completed in January 2021. 

Important Note: The Hexagon PPM Documentation site is where updates and enhancements will be made. Not this current site

The Hexagon PPM Documentation site will continue to add content and features to assist with the basic configuration and use of j5 Software, and this resource will be complemented in the future with newly developed, structured, self-paced training that will be delivered by the Hexagon PPM Training Department.

For a complete list of available training courses currently available on this site, please click here.