List of j5 Online Training Courses

End User Courses

Course Description Estimated Duration
Getting Started This course introduces the basics on how to get started with the j5 Applications. It discusses key concepts such as logging in, navigation, filtering, j5 Dashboards, and j5 Industraform® Templates. 3-4 Hours
j5 Shift Operations Management This course covers the j5 Operations Logbook, j5 Shift Handover, j5 Work Instructions and the j5 Standing Orders applications. 3-4 Hours
j5 Inspection Rounds This course explains how to complete an inspection round and how to design an inspection round with a tasks spreadsheet. 3-4 Hours
j5 Event Manager This course introduces the key concepts of the j5 Event Manager application. 1-2 Hours

System Administrator Courses

Course Description Estimated Duration
Installation Guide This course covers the j5 Operations Management Software process architecture, network architecture, and directory file structure. It explains how to install the j5 Operations Management Software with SQL Server Express Edition. This course also introduces the interfacing of real-time and historical data values from third party software systems (for example, using the j5 OSIsoft PI Interface). 2-3 Hours
Master Data Configuration This course introduces the configuration of the essential elements required for j5 Applications, including Operational Areas, the Asset Register, Distribution Lists, User Configuration, User Profiles, Scheduling and Time Zones. 2-3 Hours

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